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When you want the best to photograph your senior portraits, you choose PbSM.

Now how about adding on a great incentive to get started today on this journey?! 


Sign on with PbSM by April 30th and you will get a fantastic gift!

A Video of the Top 10 Favorite Images from your session!

Absolutely free!




*Signing on early will ensure that you get the dates/times

that you want for your session(s).* 



Do you have questions?   Find the answers below and let's get started.

How do I sign on?

- Fill out the subscribe form below.

What happens next?

- You will be contacted by Sue to set up a consult day and time.

What can I expect to happen at the consult?

- You will learn about the 4 different session choices, tips and tricks on how to have a great session go smoothly., and you will get acquainted with the print packages and products offered at PbSM. Any questions you have, will be answered.

When do I start paying a deposit?

- At the consult meeting you will pay for half the session fee. The balance will be due by the first session.


What will I do with the video? 

- You will showcase your senior's video at the grad party! You can also download it to your phone so you can show everyone and anyone you meet on the go. And what an incredible keepsake for you and your senior to have forever!



Now, let's get signed up!

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