Welcome to my 'other' photography page! I hope you enjoy seeing the other incredible things I like to photograph. Any of these images may be purchased. Please contact me for your order.

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Taco Tuesday
Squirrel and flowers
Aug 2020 Baby Hummer
Pied Billed Grebe
June Oriole
Squirrel picnic
May2020WtrBllFaces - 9 copy
May192020IndigoBunting - 3 copy
May152020Orioles - 7CROP
Chipping Sparrow - 2019
Black Capped Chickadee
Grey Squirrel on feeder
Red Squirrel
April 202 Pink Moon in morning
Great Blue Heron - Alabama NY
Canadian Goose
Common House Martin
Iroquois Refuse - Canadian Geese
Iroquois Refuse - Eagle Nest
Water / Tree Reflections
Gorton Rd. Sunset
Gorton Rd Sunset - Blue
Great Blue Heron - Alabama NY
Short-Eared Owl
Short-Eared Owl
Great Egret
Anhinga in Florida
Cormorants in Florida
Great Blue Heron White
Great Heron
Aug 6 Hummer
Dec2019Snow - 18 copy
Dec2019Snow - 37
Dec2019Snow - 22 copy
Dec2019Snow - 9 copy
Baby Woodpecker
June202019Hummer - 3 copy
June202019HouseWren - 55 copy
June202019HouseWren - 32 copy
June202019HouseWren - 8 copy
June172019Hummer - 3 copy
June162019HummerInTree - 14 copy
July312019NknZ6Grasshppr - 2 copy
June12019LongwoodGrdnsPA - 34 copy
June12019LongwoodGrdnsPA - 55 copy
June 162019HouseWren - 1 copy
June 162019HouseWren - 2 copy
2013DebFlowers095 copy
July312019NknZ6BataviaPondCrane - 3 copy
July312019Hummers - 4 copy
2019 Squirrel
Female Oriole - 2019
Female Oriole - 2019 - 2
Male Oriole w/Jelly
Fluffy female Oriole
Blue Jay - 2019
Female Oriole on perch
Catbird - 2019
Chipping Sparrow - 2019
Lens Ball at Iroquois Nat. Refuse
Canadian Goose
2019 Chickadee
2019 Blue Jay(s)
2019 Red Tail Hawk
Maui Sea Turtle(s)
Food color & Water
UV Light flowers
Oil & Water
Lens Ball
2019PhotClubAtPbSM - 174 copy
Oct. Foggy Letchworth
Sept 201PointBreezeLkOntario 77
Sept 2018 PointBreezeLkOntario 46
Sept 2018 PointBreezeLkOntario 43
May 2018 KauaiOahu - 1917
May 2018 Oahu - 61
May 2018 Kauai - 1862
May 2018 Oahu - 2955
Rainy day Oriole
"This is my feeder!"
"I'm off!"
House Sparrow
Gold Finch
Young Grosbeak - 19
Monarch - 5
Catbird - 14
Catbird - 3
Chipmunk - 9
Chipmunk - 3
Young Oriole - 7
God Finch
Hummer by Flower - 1
Male Hummingbird
Profile of a Hummingbird
Male Hummingbird
May 2018 Oahu
May 2018 Maui
Waikiki Beach
MLK Memorial
June2018WashDC8thGradeDrew - 188 copy
Natural History Museum, D.C.
2018 Squirrel
Oriole with a mouth full
Indigo Bunting
Pileated Woodpecker - 16
May 8, 2018 Cardinal - 10
2018 Oriole
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker 2018
Aril Housse Finch
Mr. & Mrs. House Finch
Where'd you go?
Jan 2018
Hi! Just stealing a peanut.
Eastern Phoebe Art
Snowy Owl in Basom, NY.
Red Tailed Hawk
Juvenile Red Tailed Hawk
Nations Rd. Avon, NY
Mockingbird in Canandaigua, NY.
Canadian Geese in Canandaigua, NY.
Nations Rd.
Outside of Batavia, NY
Snowy Owl in Batavia, NY.
Northern Flicker in February
Female Cardinal
Canandaigua, NY.
Cardinal Yellow Art
Jan deer
Jan Cardinal
Lemur in Australian Zoo
Brisbane AUS
Snowy Owl 1
Snowy Owl 2
Winter birds
January House Finch
Jan 30th Cardinal
Christmas Tree Bokeh
Merry Christmas
Wine Glass Bokeh
Dec Snowflake
Dec Snowflake
Dec Snowflake
Dec Snowflake
Dec Snowflake
Dec Snowflake
Dec Snowflake
Dec Snowflake
Little Pink Flowers
Ducks on Canandaigua Lake
Female Cardinal
May Cardinal
May 25th Cardinal 2
Looking Away
Chicago O'Hare Airport
Grey Squirrel on feeder
Australian Zoo
Australian Zoo
Australian Zoo Store
Australian Zoo
Australian Zoo
Australian Zoo
Nov. 2017 Beaver Moon
Sept Butterfly
Morning Dove
2017 Lantern Fest Erie PA
Eastern Phoebe
Flowering in the Fall
August Blue Jay
Baby Woodpecker
Baltimore Oriole - 22
Female Oriole - 13
Female Oriole - 16
Common Grackle
Female Rdwing Blbird
Barn Decor
Blue Jay Flight - 16
BlueJay - 15
Red Bellied Wdpckr Male - 14
Female Redwing Blbrd - 21
Hairy Wdpckr - 2
Rosebreasted Grosbeak - 2
GoldFinch - 1
Red Bellied Wdpckr - 50
Blue Jay w/Peanut - 37
Puerto Plata Singer/Drummer
Puerto Plata Beach
Puerto Plato Flower
Christmas Cookies
Mumford Museum
Mumford Museum
Gold Finch Art
Purple Flower in Vase
Pray Mantis
September Stars 1
September Stars 2
September Stars 3
August Blue Jay
2016 Lake Ontario
NorthrnYellwShaftdFlickr - 1 copy
Northern Yellow Flicker
MidWest Clouds - 4 copy
NoonDayGFinch - 26 copy
Aug5HummrNite - 8 copy
Aug6Hummer - 13 copy
2016JulyTreeFrog - 48 copy
Aug5Hummer - 3 copy
Yellow Lawn Flowers
Lilac leaf droplet
Blue Jay
Festival Parrot
Lilac Leaf droplet 1
White lawn flower
Blue Jay 1
Gold Finch in June
Sitting at the Bistrol table
Upside down eater
I'm outta here!
Cat Bird
Cat Bird
Spider with egg sack
May moth
Moth in basement
Purple Pom
Glen Iris Inn flower
Tulip petal
Jumper with white
Lace Spider
Grass Spider
Zebra Jumper
June half moon
Screech Owl
Black Headed Vulture
Purple Tulip
Purple Hyacynth Art
Green Leaf
2 Purple Tulips
Cherry Blossoms - Japanese Garden
Cherry Blossom
Grape Hyacynth
Mother's Day Rose
Stacked Rose
Yellow Mum
Stripe on Leaf
Easter Tulip
Tulip Skin
Flower Ruffle
Dandelion Seeds
Dandy Dandelion
Dandelion Puff
Soft Colors & Rain drops
Rain on Leaf
Rain Pearls
Octopus Leaf
Rain Drops On Grass
Yellow Tulip Rain Drops
Nature's Leaf
Dried Pine
Snowflake 10
Snowflake 23
Snowflake 50
Snowflake 60
March Spring Moon 13
Moon in daylight
Moth 22
Stink Bug
Spider Legs
Grass Spider
Zebra Jumper
Spider 1
Spider 13
Spider 6
Grass Spider 1
Grass Spider 2
Jumper in Basement
Daddy Long Leg w/Cricket 1
Daddy Long Leg w/Cricket 11
Jumper in Jar 24
Wolf Spider
Leather Glove Texture
Peacock Reflection
Candy Heart Reflection
Amethyst Rock