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Glowing Nose

Is your nose glowing? Do you use hi-lighter makeup? If so, then your nose and other parts of your face and body are most likely glowing.

Yeah, I know you learned the latest makeup application to hi-light your face. And you think it looks pretty. But have you noticed when looking at a friend, how you look at the hi-lighting makeup and follow that along as her head moves around? I bet next time, you'll be more aware that you do that since I've called attention to that behavior.

You see,,, your eye is attracted to the brightest point wherever you are looking. So, if your friend is wearing hi-lighter on her nose,,, are you looking at her nose all the time? Wouldn't you rather be looking at your friends whole face? Especially her eyes? Yes, you would!

Now, imagine your friend looking at your face when you are wearing hi-lighter. Is she looking at your nose if that's where you applied that make up? Do you want your friend to look only at your nose? I don't think so! I'm here to educate the public about this quandary as it applies to photos now. A photo is static. If I took a picture of you and you're wearing hi-lighter on your face, anywhere... It's going to be bright. A light spot that will attract everyone's eye that looks at that photo. They will stare at it... When studio lights (and even natural light) hits that makeup, it's just going to make it glow. Photographers try to achieve beautiful, even lighting, especially on the face of a subject. Professional lighting provides the hi lights. You don't need to apply a powder to make it stand out more. Photo lighting is like having the sun right there!

Photographers also retouch every photo (at least I hope they are!). I, myself, retouch the face of a subject first. I can use a 'curves' arch to make more hi lights if needed. I can do that subtly so it looks natural.

As you know, I photograph many high school seniors. I'm seeing more and more of this makeup application. Even after I recommend which type of make up to use. I used to photograph many weddings and still follow along looking at wedding photographs on all kinds of social media. I follow make up artists on IG and see them applying all kinds of hi-lighter. With my photographer's eye,, it's all too overboard. I kinda cringe when I think about what their photos will look like. Makeup goes along with jewelry and clothing in photos... a trend that will go out of style in the year or two to come. Remember 'statement necklaces'? Maybe go more with a classic, beautiful application without the shine. Or it can be creative,,, but don't add the shine You could compare makeup shine to perspiration. Yup!

Would you want to see perspiration on your face in a photo?

I strive to make everyone I photograph to look fantastic in their photos,,,, starting with the face. My recommendation for makeup is to wear MATTE. Eliminate the shine. This helps our lighting situations and photoshopping. The photo lighting does the work for you.

You should come into a session with the knowledge of how you can look your best. For me at PbSM,,, it's wearing matte makeup.

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