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The Obituary

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

I decided to talk about this uncomfortable subject, since no one ever does.

Yes, this is a subject no one addresses, but I am going to. EVERYBODY NEEDS an obituary photo for when the inevitable happens.

How many times have you seen a blurry, grainy photo in the obituary section of the paper or online? Or a photo that obviously was taken 20 years before the death of the loved one? Or, how about NO photo at all?! All these situations (and more),,, are - just - wrong. There is no reason for it. Why haven't people updated their portraits throughout the years? Have YOU had your photo updated? Someday, unfortunately, it'll be your day to be in the paper...

Now, think about this. It is important. How do you want to be remembered in your obituary? Do you want your family to put an old, blurry, grainy photo in the paper? This is one of those tasks that need to be done before you go. Along the lines of writing a will or making your funeral plans. It's something that you need to take charge of now and not forget about or put off for another year. Choose the photo you want used and make this photo available to your family so they know where it is when the time comes. Don't make them search through 20 photo boxes or choose a selfie buried in your cell phone... If they can even get into your cell phone.

When I first opened my studio in Batavia in 2010, my mother asked me to take her portrait. She didn't boldly say, "I want an obituary photo." But it was quietly said and more than that, she planned to give all her 8 living kids a copy of it. A Plus-Plus! - for me and my siblings. As it turned out,,, in 2015, just a few years after taking her portrait,,, she passed away. I can't even imagine not having this photo (below). I am so glad she made the time to do this.

More recently, my brother passed away unexpectedly. He didn't have an updated portrait of himself ever taken. Luckily, our last Christmas (spent together before COVID), in 2019 my father asked me to take photos of each sibling with their family or spouse. So, I at least had that photo of him to crop a headshot of him to use for his obituary photo. I have a professional camera and flash so the quality of the image was very good. Even though it wasn't a close up, I was able to make this crop work. Situations like this don't happen for most people. Society now just uses their cell phones for all their photos. You can't crop images from low grade cameras or cell phones and have them look good. You need a professional image done. Images need to be of great quality to print well or to be shown online well.

The two examples I've just told about- a woman and a man. Gender doesn't matter here! Everyone needs to get their headshot or a portrait done.

Think of the added plus for getting your portrait updated, not only for the obituary, but you will most definitely make your family happy if you have a portrait done now. Think of how happy they'll be! Your kids,, your spouse,, your grandparents,, your friends. Because you will give them all a copy of your favorite pose and they will enjoy having it!

So plan it today. Give me a call and I can take a great photo of you. You'll give one to all your family members and it'll be a great remembrance for all.

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