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Sue is a proud recipient of many local, state, social media awards and magazine publishings!

Nationally Published - Spring 2023

2023 Senior Year Magazine Spring Edition Publication

5 PbSM High School Senior images selected for the magazine. Two of those images were selected for the back cover!

0 - Best of 2022 SYM copy 2.jpg

2023 Teen Years Magazine Spring Edition Publication

2 PbSM Tween Girl images selected for the magazine.

A "Mermaid" themed image and a

"All Dolled Up/Barbie themed" image!

award winning high school senior photographer

2/2022 6 SYNC Photo Images Awards - Florida

award winning high school senior photographer

Featured photo on IG

Senior Years Magazine

on 2/3/19. 

7/19/19 IG Senior Year Magazine.


7/21/19     Inspire Teen Magazine - Top 10 Day Feature.


Featured photo on IG

Teen Years Magazine 

on 2/23/19.


Second feature: 3/19/19



Third feature: 3/24/19



Fourth feature: 7/1/21

Specializing in high school seniors, professional headshots, families and more.


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