Professional Headshot Portraits and Business Branding

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Professional Headshot Portraits and Business Branding


NEVER underestimate the POWER of a Professional Headshot.


PbSM is pleased to announce that more choices in Headshot Portrait Sessions are now available! PbSM wants to stay in-tune with your needs for promoting yourself in your job or your business. Headshot Portraiture is a representation for your internet, website, social media needs or use in the office space. PbSM recognizes your need for digital files or prints and is willing to work with you to complete your order. Let Sue know what you need for your business or personal use.


PbSM accommodates headshot portraiture in studio. In studio sessions are ideal to a ensure consistent lighting and a matching overall look for the business brand. A changing area is on site for clients to use to change your outfit and get different looks in your images. Large employee numbers can be completed in studio with diligent scheduling for in studio sessions.  


PbSM can also travel to a business location and set up for portraits there. Please consult Sue for prices for in house shooting.


PbSM has various lighting equipment to achieve the look you want and need for your image. The studio has many color backdrops to match your outfit or you can opt for the ever so clean, white background. Sue has the knowledge and experience to accomplish any look you desire.


Communication is key for success. Contact Sue to schedule a consult in studio or at your location consult.



Business Branding Session

Please consult with Sue for the many details that need to be reviewed for your session. More time for a session is required for a branding session to get you just the look and message you want to put forth. Typically, a one hour session is $100.

Call Sue at: 585 - 861 - 0415

PbSM can also update your PASSPORT PHOTO! $20.00