Sue Meier

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I have been photographing the Genesee County area for over 20 years and am looking forward to another year!

My interest in photography seems to have been with me for as long as I can remember.


It probably got it’s start when I won my first camera in a coloring contest when I was about 12 years old! It was a 110 Instamatic Camera,,, remember with the tall flash holder! Times have changed and yes I’ve lived through film and finally changed to digital about 10 years ago.


Besides being a photographer, I am a wife and mother of 

3 children. 


My photographic style is clean, modern, moody, polished and creative. Clients commission me for creative photo shoots and unique photoshop work.



I think it is important to bring back the tradition of a photographer and re-teach our fast-paced society to slow down and choose your photographer carefully and to value your printed memories. 


I consult with my clients and answer their questions.

I strive to place your order and present you with it as 

fast as I can. 

I want you to enjoy this process! Come see me in my photo studio located in Corfu, NY.

Sue is an award winning photographer on a local level and regional level. She has won the "Image of the Year" award on more than one occasion. She has received numerous ribbons on both a local and regional level. Sue's work has been displayed in numerous art galleries including; Gallery 96, Image City, GoArt, Blue Pearl Yoga, Moon Java's,  Genesee Country City Centre, Batavia Senior Center,  Richmond Memorial Library and more.

Recently, Sue's image of Colin, a HS Senior, was a daily image feature on the Senior Year Magazine Instagram account and three images were featured on the Teens Years Magazine IG page!

2019ColinOutside - 37WallNik copy.jpg
2017TIA - 61BenShirkNik copy.jpg
2017SarahUmbrella - 79CosNikFogBlurC57V
2019MaiaZerillo - 204InfintClr2 copy.jpg