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Home Decor  Create a Collection


PbSM has created an experience for all clients to love and cherish. PbSM's new Home Decor system allows you to purchase exactly what you want to decorate your home with. Now is your time to choose your favorite images to showcase in your home.


Create a Collection is designed for you to first choose your Feature Display Album or Wall Art to satisfy what you want most and to be proudly shown at home.

Next you will choose the gift prints that you will need for yourself, your relatives and your special friends.

This new system of ordering is simple to understand and gets you what you want. 

It's that simple,,, but oh so right!


The coffee table style Albums come with 20 images on thick pages. Choose one of the 3 different albums cover designs.

Choose the Acrylic Luminous, the Metal Print or the Photo Front cover.

Sue custom designs each page to ensure the images match the background beautifully. No templates used!

Albums come standard 10"x10". Other sizes are available if you wish.

Only the best for you to show off this timeless treasure.


***Print Package & Album Price below ALBUM choices.***

Acrylic Album

A top luxury option and the most popular choice.

Crystal clear acrylic glass cover.

Thick pages. Album shown is 10'x10'.

Bonded Crystaline Leather.

Other sizes available, as well as leather choices.

Upgrade options include:

Gilding colors and/or rounded corners.

($15.00 each)

MetalAndAlbum - 10 copy.jpg
MetalAndAlbumxx - 22 .jpg

Metal Print Album

An edgy option! Printed aluminum cover that definitely gets noticed. 

Bonded leather with texture. Thick pages.

Album shown is a 10"x10".

Other options include: other album sizes and leather textures or colors.

Upgrade options include: rounded corners. ($15.00)

Nune2022MetalAlbum - 3 copy.jpg
Nune2022MetalAlbum - 1 copy.jpg

Photo Front Album

Your favorite image print right onto the

cover material. Other options: different album size.

Upgrade option: rounded corners. ($15.00)

2017AlbumPackWTins - 2 copy.jpg

* Want to add more images to any album?  Just pay the retouching fee $25 on each image added.

*More page spreads can also be added in to keep give your images more space. A spread is 2 pages for $25 each spread.

*Want Gilded Edges on the pages or Rounded Corners? That too can be yours. $15 (each).

Album & Prints Package

Premium Album - Choose one of the premium albums above -  Acrylic Luminous, Metal Print or the Photo Front.
2   8x10 Matte Prints
5   5x7 Matte Prints
16  Wallets

*Bonus Add on: 5 Digital Files for only $300.
                               10 Digital Files for only $600.
                               20 Digital Files for only $800!
*Add on extra prints or products from the a la cart menu below.


MetalAndAlbumxx - 22 .jpg

Wall Art

A stunning Wall Art piece will hi light your family home for all to see!

PbSM has hand selected the client favorite choices from over the years for Wall Art medium

and now exclusively offers these prints to you. 


***Wall Art & Print Package below.***

Torn Edge Float

June2022TornEdgePrint - 2 copy.jpg

*NEW*   The Torn Edge Float has a base block with a canvas textile which comes in many different colors to offset or compliment the image. The image is a floating image with a torn edge giving it that fine art look. The print is a gicle'e print using many inks and fine application. It has a matte surface with no glare.

Two sizes to choose from: 11x14 or 16x20.

(Outer block will be bigger.)

Triple Wall Display


The Triple Wall Display is 3 separate, mounted prints and are UV coated for protection. Mounting the prints ensures no wrinkling

over the years.

Sizes are:  24x16, and  2  11x14's.

This fabulous grouping will definitely

make a statement!

Canvas Print


The Canvas Print is a classic. 

The texture is the allure. It is 2 inches thick and comes with a 'dust cover' on the back for protection and a finished look.

Two sizes to choose from: 11x14 or 16x20.

*If you would like it framed,

ask Sue for the upgraded price.

Metal Print

MetalAndAlbum - 30 copy.jpg
MetalAndAlbum - 28 copy.jpg

Metal Prints are definitely in a league of their own! The image is printed onto aluminum and goes through a 'baking' process so it adheres. There are different surfaces such as glossy or matte, but Sue's favorite is Mid-gloss. Get a straight edge or go for a creative curvy edge design.

Two sizes to choose from: 11x14 or 16x20.


EmmaTRIO copy 2.jpg

The Trio is a custom designed background with 3 of your favorite images on it. The print is 20x10, comes mounted and framed.

All you need to do, is hang it on the wall!

June2022TornEdgePrint - 2 copy.jpg

Wall Art & Prints Package

Premium Wall ArtChoose one of the premium wall arts above -  Torn Edge Float, Canvas, Triple Wall Display, Metal Print or a Trio.

2   8x10 Matte Prints
5   5x7 Matte Prints
16  Wallets

*Bonus Add on: 5 Digital Files for only $350.
                               10 Digital Files for only $650.
                               20 Digital Files for only $850!
*Add on extra prints or products from the a la cart menu below.


Exhibit and Gift Prints / A LA Cart

Exhibit Prints

All exhibit prints will be mounted on

mat board to prevent wrinkling.


30 x 40 Matte print --- $500           

30 x 30 Matte print --- $400      

24 x 36 Matte print --- $380       

20 x 30 Matte print --- $300      Metal Print $400       

20 x 24 Matte print --- $220      Metal Print $320       

20 x 20 Matte print --- $180        

16 x 24 Matte print --- $150      Metal Print $270        

16 x 20 Matte print --- $100      Metal Print $250         

16 x 16 Matte print --- $90         

12 x 12 Matte print --- $80         

11 x 14 Matte print  --- $70       Metal Print $250

Gift Prints

8x10 Matte print  --- $40    Metal Print $140 

5x7 matte print    --- $20      

4x6 matte print    --- $15      

Wallets  (8/sheet) --- $40    

*Order 3 or more of same size - take $10.00 off each one.



Digital Files - Digital files only! Printable w/print rights! All files are cropped at 8x10. Larger crops can be made available at an extra cost. *Digital file purchase has a policy to adhere to. Please ask Sue before buying.*


3 Digital Files retouched & Full Resolution  $300

5 Digital Files retouched & Full Resolution    $500

10 Digital Files retouched & Full Resolution  $900

16 Digital Files retouched & Full Resolution  $1400

20 Digital Files retouched & Full Resolution  $1750

30 Digital Files retouched & Full Resolution  $2700

40 Digital Files retouched & Full Resolution  $3700



*Want a matching album or wall art? Ask Sue for special pricing on a 'twin' item. Great option for a grandparent or parent.

*Spend a total of $1,800 or more at PbSM  in one session - Receive a 11x14 CANVAS complimentary!!

*Customer Rewards - Ask Sue about this!

*See below for PbSM policies. 

Acrylic Album Unboxing

Torn Edge Float

Metal Album Look

Photo Front Album

Magazine Booklet

Story Book

Triplet Wall Display

The Trio!


PbSM Policy:

~Cash is preferred method of payment. Credit Card is accepted as well as PayPal. PayPal to a friend >

~Session fees are separate from ordering product.

~Sessions require a retainer of half the total to be paid at the time of booking. Your session date will be held.

~Remaining session fee is due at the first session.

~Order payment is due at the time of ordering with PbSM.

~Payments for orders can be made regularly and in a timely manner.

~Orders are completely quickly and in a timely manner. Final payments will be required accordingly so.

~Cash on pick up of order is accepted.

~NYS Tax is charged on sessions and product.

~Travel fees are charged for out of Genesee Co.

~Credit Card and PayPal refunds will be made to the client MINUS the 3% transaction fee both times (acceptance and refund) for a total of minus 6%. Client will pay the fees.

~NO Refund will be given for NO SHOWS Sessions by the client. 

~All prices may change without notice.

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