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award winning wny photographer
award winning wny photographer
Nationally Published - Spring 2023
award winning wny photographer
award winning wny photographer

Welcome to the PbSM HS Senior page!

PbSM is known as the top HS Senior photographer in the WNY area. Clients seek the clean, bold, sleek style AND the creative element of PbSM's style portraits. 

PbSM takes high regards to communicating with clients to ensure a smooth process in the session and the whole photo experience. When you call Sue, you will schedule a consult meeting in studio to go over all the details you need to know. It's then that you can ask all the questions you have.


PbSM offers THREE different sessions for you to choose from and will you decide which one is the right session for your needs. Pricing and payment methods will be talked about in the consult.

To schedule your consult, call Sue at: (585) 297-6113

ZOOM or FACE TIME Consults may now be scheduled due to Covid19.

"Senior Show Off"

The newest package offered and up & coming since it offers digital files with it.  

*Up to a 2 Hour session.

*Mix studio and outside location shoot / or just do all studio / or just do all outside.

*Up to 4 outfits total. (Sport shots, pets or hobby included).

*Includes 10 Digital Files.

(Digital files are cropped at 8x10. Includes print rights and permission to use on social media.

Digital files cannot be altered, filtered or changed by any other crazy ideas you have.

You are purchasing the work of PbSM, it must stay looking as such.

If you lose a digital file, you will have to purchase again if so wanted.)


*PbSM sends in your Yearbook Image for you.

*Prints are not included in this session, but may be purchased through PbSM to insure quality and tones.

*Outside Genesee County travel fee $10.

*Half price on a Cap 'n Gown Session next June/July/Aug.

high school senior girl



The most popular package at PbSM! For those HS Seniors who want MORE out of their session. MORE; time, choices, outfits, creativity, traditional portraits, & concept session!


*Up to 3 hours of session time to capture traditional portraits and ONE creative / concept session or

an awesome creative sports composites. (Session is usually split up and not done all in one day.)


*Mix studio and an outside location shoot /or just do all studio /or just do all outside.


*Up to 4 outfits and your creative wardrobe.


*Choose your top 20 images!


*Magazine Booklet w/custom cover of your Top 20 retouched images

comes with this session!


*Hair and make up required for this session.



*PbSM sends in your Yearbook Image for you.

*Extra traditional images may be added to magazine for $12 each.

*Extra creative images may be added to magazine for $20 each.

*Prints are not included in the session fees. 

*Outside Genesee County travel fee $10.

*Half price on a Cap 'n Gown Session next June/July/Aug.


high school senior girl
high school senior girl
high school senior guy
2023JudeRain - 100 copy 2.jpg



*2 hours of time.

*Studio AND One outside location spot, OR all in one spot (whether studio or outside).

*3 - 4 outfits including sports, etc.

*$200.00 Print / Order Credit!


*PbSM sends in your Yearbook Image for you.

*Print credit offered in the session fee. Extra images may be purchased.

*Outside Geneseee County travel fee $10.

*Half price on a Cap 'n Gown Session next June/July/Aug.

high school senior guy

*Please note:   Due to yearbook committees and or schools changing how to upload yearbook senior image(s) or parent ad image(s), PbSM may not be allowed to upload your image(s). In that case, you will have to purchase your digital file(s) that you want to use.

Creative Sessions

Modern Traditional

Reviews :0)

2022AudneyFieldBug - 148HorzC57.jpg

In reference to her magazine booklet and 20x16 mounted print:
I loved it! It is absolutely gorgeous. So so so happy with how everything turned out.
~ Audney B. ~ LeRoy HS Senior

2022HannahRain - 31 copy.jpg

We are so beyond grateful for your photo sessions. From the outdoors, to the vintage VW Beetle to dancing in the rain. They are all SO amazing. We cannot wait to see the final images.

~Carrie W.

2022AvaHarvester - 92 copy.jpg

My shy Ava had so much fun and really showed confidence at her senior photo shoot all thanks to Photography by Susan Meier direction and ease !!

Totally her idea along with a great photographer! My unique kid had a unique senior portrait session and I’m excited for her to see the rest!!!

~ Tammy H.

Oct2020EricWtoys - 40Cos2 copy.jpg
AllStarStadiumFLAT copy.jpg
2022EthanSNOW - 18 copy.jpg

Thank you, Sue!! 

We had all three of our children’s senior pictures done by Photography by Susan Meier. Two years ago Sue was able to capture our twins personalities perfectly. Sue was able to capture each one in their own element. And even portrayed our daughters state title. This past year she took our youngest sons pictures

 He loves to farm so for his first session he wanted pictures in the hops yard. On the hottest muggiest August evening in rows of hops with no air circulation

Sue took magnificent pictures. And for his other session he chose snowmobiling. Again, Sue withstood the coldest snowiest winter day to capture Ethan’s passions. For this we will be forever grateful.  Sue does magnificent work. And takes the time with her clients.

~Kim W.

2020Studio - 42Cos copy.jpg
2021PeteFootball - 156 copy.jpg

I love these!!! Thank you so much!

You do such an amazing job,

and are so incredibly talented!!!

~Rebecca H.

2022AriannaOutside - 97CosSArchr11 copy.jpg

Oh my god! Gorgeous!!! Looks like a make up ad!

~ Charlene H.

2021NoelOutside - 179 copy.jpg

It is beautiful, we love it so much! (In reference to the magazine booklet). Thank you so much for all your hard work!

~Sara T.

Sue did my son’s senior pictures and they came out AMAZING! She is a true professional, very creative and artistic. HIGHLY recommended!

~Elaine W.

2018MacKenzieDance - 150 copy.jpg

Sue is excellent to work with and willing to take your creative ideas to the highest potential they can be. She makes everyone behind the lens feel amazing and natural and walks you through things to help you become more relaxed to make your photos the best they can be. As a bonus she even does hair and her daughter April does makeup, so you can get a full makeover and beautiful photos done by at the same place to make it an even more enjoyable experience!!

~MacKenzie W.

2021AustinHarvtr - 245CosNik copy 2.jpg
2017TylerCourthouse - 68Ccrp57.jpg

Thank you so much Sue Meier for capturing these moments! So happy to have had you behind the lens for both my boys. The photo shoots were both memorable!! 

​~Heather W.

Aug232019NoahSUNSET - 61vibPClrNIKBClrGlmGlo copy.jpg
2021MadilynGParkWall - 160 copy.jpg

Sue did a fantastic job for my son and daughters senior year. She captured both of them just perfectly. I love the creativity that she has for each session.

~Mellissa G.

CrushFootballFLATwithPieces copy.jpg
2021StephenCreative - 117-RecNik copy.jpg

A true artist.

~Sean B.

2021EmmaKOutside - 140 copy.jpg

Sue does a amazing job, she is creative, professional and catches each kids personality!!!

~Tammy K.

Copy right: 2023 Photography by Susan Meier.

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