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Aug. 10th - 20th
call: 585-297-6113

Get these sessions while you're hot and humid!

For a Limited Time Only a great price on the session fees offered.

You can COOL OFF!

$50 Off the Session Fee!

Summertime fun is here at PbSM.

These sessions are for any age. If you like water and want to have fun creating cool pictures, then this is a session for you!

Of course you could do this session any time, but why not get in on a great session fee offer?

Call to schedule or click the subscribe button below to sign on. Time slots will fill up as this is such a unique session, so don't delay. When you call you will get all the info and tips on what to bring. Any ideas work for these sessions; sports, dance, umbrella fun, instruments, gymnast, crazy outfits, hobbies, friends, any idea!

2019GroffKids - 85NikC57 copy.jpg
2018RainSession - 126 copy.jpg
Sept2019PatrickBball - 176 copy.jpg
Rain Maker Session!

The RAIN MAKER Session
August 10th - 20th

TiaRain2 copy.jpg
Aug132019KatieM - 450 copy.jpg
2019GroffKids - 59 copy.jpg
2018RainSession - 10 copy.jpg
2021JackCrain - 52CosNikFixC57 copy.jpg
Elizabeth - Kendall HS

The MILK BATH Session
August 10th - 20th

2021EmmaOutBath - 118CosC810 copy.jpg
2021EmmaOutBath - 89Glamour copy.jpg
2021EmmaOutBath - 190 copy 2.jpg
Kate needed a bath ;0}

-Payment due at booking for session fee.​

-Home Decor Prints and product are purchased after the session.

-NYS Sales Tax will apply.

Copy right: 2022 Photography by Susan Meier.

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