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Has your child just started the "Harry Potter books or read every single one?

Do they wish with all their might to go to Hogwarts?!

Or are you the one who loves the HP idea and want to bring that influence to them?!


Well, now's their chance to create a truly magical moment with

PbSM's Wizards & Wands portrait experience!

From the moment you arrive at the studio, your child's imagination will take off as we recreate

the iconic moments they have read about in the books or seen in the movies.

They will cast spells, mix potions and make books float with magic!

PbSM has multiple sets and props that you can use including the studio owl named Hedwig,

a mandrake, floating books, a studio version of the Quidditch Snitch and more!

You are welcome to bring your own props to add in to the magic.

This is the most unique and fun bonding experience you and your child will have all year.


Here's what is included:


*Pre consult to discuss wardrobe and session information (Value $75) 

*Up to 1 hr. session with multiple custom set changes (Value $250)

* Image review at the end of your session (Value $75)

* Bonding experience with your child (Priceless)

Session cost only $100.00!

(Session value $400)

*Products and prints purchased separately.)

*Pre order the 20 page custom STORY BOOK when you make your session appointment

and get $25 off your total!

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I saw this amazing Wizard experience on Facebook and I was excited to sign up and surprise my daughter. She was excited when her letter arrived, unfortunately not by an owl. Being wizard fans, we had many props of our own to bring.

Sue has great backdrops and sets which compliment the scene. My daughter loved her flying lesson photo and spell casting with her pink pygmypuff. We were transported to Hogwarts and wanted to stay forever. But we are muggles and had to return home. I highly recommend this magical experience!

-Alexandra K.

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The wizards and wands session was a great experience for my daughter and her friend. There were so many creative poses and background. They were transported right into the book/movie. I absolutely loved the special effects that were added to the pictures at the end. They made them truly magical.

-Amy Y.

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RJ got some fantastic themed photos done by Photography by Susan Meier. We LOVED every second!

-Emily W.

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What PbSM Clients Say


Step 1

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Step 2

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You will receive a 'welcome' email from PbSM after submitting the form.  Sue will contact you via text or phone call. Enter PbSM's business number in your contacts  585 - 297 - 6113

(or the number in the video below),

these are not spam numbers. 


In the phone consult, we will discuss session information and product options PbSM offers.


Have your calendar on hand to schedule your day and time.


 Step 3


Enjoy the experience!


PbSM looks forward to meeting you and creating  fantastic images for you.


At the end of your session we will

take a look at your images and  narrow down to your favorites.

Ordering  your prints is done now too. 


Add On this session  -  OR  -  do as a Stand Alone Session

Ask Sue for the details during your phone consult     :0)

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