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Photo Session

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Has your child read every "Harry Potter" book?  Or is just starting the series and loving it?!

Do they wish with all their might to go to Hogwarts?!

Well, now's their chance to create a truly magical moment with PbSM's Wizards & Wands photo session!

The adventure starts when your child receives the vintage letter in the mail telling of their acceptance

to the Wizards & Wands session. Once you arrive at the studio, your child's imagination will take off,

creating interesting moments that they have read in all the books or seen in the movies.

They will put on their robe and hold a wand as they step on set at PbSM

ready to cast spells and 'mix' potions or make books float with magic!

PbSM has many props you can use including Hedwig and the Quidditch Snitch!

Or you are welcome to bring your own props.


Call the Headmistress, Sue, to get started on this magical adventure!

585 - 861 - 0415

The Magic Continues!

PbSM's Wizards & Wands Photo Session

For ages:  4 - and up!


Here's what you can expect:

Up to1/2 hr. session

Image review at the end of your session

Magic wizard streaks and photoshopping of your chosen images

8x10  and  2  5x7's included

You will have fun and bonding with your child

Session cost only $99.99 and includes prints!

The most popular products purchased by parents are the coffee table style 20 page album, Trio, and metal prints.




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Step 2

Wait for a text or email!


You will receive a 'welcome' email from PbSM after submitting the form.  Sue will contact you via text or phone call. Enter PbSM's business number in your contacts  585-861-0415, this is not a spam number. 


In the phone consult, we will discuss session information and product options PbSM offers.


Have your calendar on hand to schedule your day and time.


 Step 3


Enjoy the experience!


PbSM looks forward to meeting you and creating  fantastic images for you.


At the end of your session we will

take a look at your images and  narrow down to your favorites.

Ordering  your prints is done now too. 

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Composite Image can be done in session as an Add On purchase.  Please notify Sue before the session that you want to have this done. Designs fee will apply as well as print size requirement to order.

Play the video!

Submit your payment for the session fee below.

$99.99 + $8 sales tax = $107.99 payment.

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*This offer cannot be combined or traded for another session type.

*You may bring your own props.

*Balance of Session Fee is due at time of scheduling the time slot. You may pay above via PayPal or call Sue with your credit card numbers.

*Order extra Prints / Products at the photo session a la cart.

*Creative Composite Art Image can be accommodated if desired. Design fee would apply.

Please notify Sue before the session if this is something you want to do.

© 2021Photography by Susan Meier